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Michelle Kirchner

Graduate Student – MS

Entomology – Sorenson Lab & Youngsteadt Urban Ecology Lab

Gardner Hall 3231

Area(s) of Expertise

Michelle is a PhD student studying the diversity and ecology of ants in temperate tree canopies. In remnant forests and urban streets, she uses a giant slingshot and rope to climb high into the treetops and discover which ants are living up there and how they’re contributing to the ecosystem.

Research Interests

I am interested in biodiversity and ecology and use ants as my study system. I am conducting the first survey of canopy ants in North Carolina to understand the composition and assembly of ant communities in temperate canopies. I have study sites in state parks across North Carolina, spanning elevational, climatic, biotic, and productivity gradients to test which effects better explain canopy ant diversity patterns.


B.S., Zoology, North Carolina State University (2019)