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Kaylin Lewandowski

Graduate Student – MS

Entomology – Reiskind Lab

Gardner 2324

Area(s) of Expertise

My current interests are in behavioral, ecological, and disease aspects of mosquitoes. During my undergrad at Western Carolina University (WCU), I focused on topics from the phenology of rock pools to La Crosse virus to hyperparasitism of water mites on Aedes tormentor. I plan to transition my main research focus to Dog Heartworm while at NCSU to learn more about the dynamics of its transmission and potential behavioral effects on the mosquito.


My name is Kaylin Lewandowski and I am a first year Master’s student. I have a passion for insects and have narrowed my focus to mosquitoes. I am specifically interested in behavioral, ecological, and disease aspects of mosquitoes, but I love to learn about all insects. In my free time, I love to read entomologically related books and watch nature documentaries to broaden my knowledge. I also love to do many different kinds of outdoor activities like hiking and camping.


BS, Chemistry, Western Carolina University (2022)
BS, Biology, Western Carolina University (2022)