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Grayson Pellerito

Graduate Student – MS

Entomology – Reiskind Lab

Gardner 2324

Area(s) of Expertise

My research is focusing on mosquitoes as a vector of disease in relations to lemurs.

I am a first year, part-time Master’s student and a primate technician at the Duke Lemur Center that is hoping to combine lemurs and insects! Working with primates has allowed me to appreciate evolution, social systems, and behavior within different species, but I have always been drawn to insects for these same reasons. As I have followed the path of specializing in primates, I have learned that insects are always the root of success or destruction of any organism. Whether it is being part of the food chain or a vector of disease, insects play a magnificent role in our environment. I am hoping to shift gears and better understand the world of entomology given all that it has to offer with the impacts these creatures make on our planet.


BS, Zoology, SUNY Oswego (2017)