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Christopher Gillespie

Graduate Student – PhD

Plant Pathology – Hu Lab

Varsity Research Building

Christopher Gillespie (NC State) is a doctoral candidate in Plant Pathology with a focus in soil ecology and soil biogeochemistry. Christopher Jorelle Gillespie was born in Champaign-Urbana and grew up in Douglas Park, an area historically stagnated by racial segregation and economic curtailment. Raised by a single mother, Chris was introduced to the sciences by his grandmother, a former educator and University of Illinois affiliate. Chris received a bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University, an M.S. in Plant and Soil Science from Oklahoma State University, and is a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate studying soil biogeochemistry at North Carolina State University (NCSU). Gillespie’s research focuses on linking management practices to environmental factors that influence greenhouse gas emissions within differing agroecosystems across the U.S. Southeast. His research strives to promote climate mediation in the agricultural sector through the amalgamation of sustainable management practices and science-based policy. The evidence gather from his ecological research will function to provide flexible and sustainable management solutions suited for an increasingly climate conscientious world. Chris is a Center for Environmental Foods Systems Fellow, as well as an AgBioFEWS Fellow with the National Science Foundation. You can connect with Chris on Twitter (@SpoilTheSoil).


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B.S., Crop and Soil Science, Michigan State University (2017)
M.S., Plant and Soil Science (Soil Chemistry), Oklahoma State University (2019)