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Andres Sanabria

Graduate Student – PhD

Plant Pathology – Howard Shew Lab

Gardner Hall 2415

Research Interests

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni) is an herbaceous perennial crop cultivated for its sweetener properties originally from Paraguay. The compounds responsible for the sweetener capabilities are the glycosides stevioside and rebaudioside, which are not metabolized by the humans allowing its consumption as a replacement of sugar. For this reason, this crop cultivation is rapidly increasing as a specialty crop, especially in North Carolina.
My research focuses on the cultural management of stevia diseases in North Carolina and Paraguay. Specifically:
– Reduction of soilborne pathogens inoculum using alternative management.
– Understanding of the introduction and spread of Septoria steviae.
– Development of a protocol for detection of Septoria steviae.