Fall 2020 Plant Pathology Seminars

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DateTimeSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title
8/174:00pmPP Fall Seminar Social NCSUIntroducing the 2020 Plant Pathology fall seminars
8/244:00pmOliver BaarsNCSUUnraveling constitutive and induced exudation as drivers of plant-microbe interactions
8/314:00pmJim KernsNCSUAn Adventure in Keeping Grass Green: Turf Disease Management in the Transition Zone
9/7Labor Day - No Seminar
9/144:00pmDavid RasmussenNCSUQuantifying pathogen fitness between hosts and across scales using genomic sequence data
9/214:00pmBritt KoskellaUC BerkeleyFriends, Foes, and Phages in the Phyllosphere
9/284:00pmIsgouhi KaloshianUC RiversideUnraveling the arsenals used in the arms race between plants and nematode or insect pests
10/511:15amSaskia Hogenhout (Joint PP/ENT Seminar)John Innes Inst. Cambridge, UKMolecular Dynamics of Plant-Microbe-Insect Interactions 
10/124:00pmOffice of Diversity and InclusionNCSULearning about Microaggression
10/194:00pmAurélie RakotondrafaraUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMolecular and cellular mechanisms underlying potyvirus infection
10/264:00pmNasie ConstantinoNCSUReal Time Sensing and Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds for Early Detection of Plant Disease
11/24:00pmEric Schmelz UC San DiegoA receptor for herbivore-associated molecular patterns mediates plant immunity to insects
11/94:00pmWenbo MaThe Sainsbury LaboratoryDefense and counter-defense: what can we learn from pathogen effectors
11/164:00pmZachariah Hansen University of Tennessee A day in the life when no two days are the same: Extension specialty crops pathology in Tennessee
11/2311:00amNik CunniffeUniversity of CambridgeModelling the spread and control of plant pathogens