Fall 2020 Entomology Seminars

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DateTimeSpeakerAffiliationSeminar Title
8/2411:15amAram MikaelyanDEPP - NC State UniversityEcological and evolutionary patterns in the gut microbiomes of wood-feeding insects
8/3111:15amDorith RotenbergDEPP - NC State UniversityConnecting the dots: Defining the determinants of thrips vector competence and plant pest success
9/711:15amLabor Day
9/1411:15amMarce LorenzenDEPP - NC State UniversityHeredity: Nature, Nurture and Molecular Genetic Tools
9/2111:15amJosh BenoitUniversity of CincinnatiReproductive mechanisms of Antarctic mites and midges
9/28 (Vince Parman Memorial Lecture)11:15amEd VargoTexas A&MBottlenecks and genomic conflict: insights into the invasion success of the tawny crazy ant
10/511:15amSaskia HogenhoutJohn Innes Centre, University of Cambridge (U.K.)Molecular Dynamics of Plant-Microbe-Insect Interactions
10/1211:15amChris RangerUSDA-ARS, Wooster, OHSemiochemicals Mediating Interactions among Ambrosia Beetles, their Host Trees, and Nutritional Fungal Symbionts
10/1911:15amMargaret CouvillonVirginia TechBees as Bioindicators for a Sustainable Future
10/2611:15amJay RosenheimUC DavisUsing data from farms to solve problems on farms: IPM research in California citrus
11/0211:15amTanya RennerPenn StateCo-option, convergence, and chemistry: a comparative genomic approach to study the evolution of defense in plants and insects
11/0911:15amGiuseppe SacconeUniversity of NaplesA unique principle for male sex determination in Tephritidae, a dipteran family including major agricultural pests