Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Molecular Biology

Our department has breeding, genetics, and plant molecular biology programs in corn, cotton, peanuts, small grains, turfgrass, soybeans, and tobacco. Emphasis is placed on developing cultivars and germplasm lines with increased yield, pest resistance, improved nutritional and flavor quality, and tolerance to environmental stresses. The department has a strong commitment to germplasm enhancement and preservation. A number of research projects involve the collection, evaluation, and utilization of exotic and alien species germplasm.

As part of a university-wide effort in biotechnology, several research projects within the department are concerned with the application of tissue culture and molecular genetics techniques to crop improvement, including marker-assisted selection, gene isolation, and transformation. Other areas of interest include quantitative genetics, breeding methodology, statistics, and cytogenetics. For more information, visit

The NC State Plant Breeding Consortium at North Carolina State University.

Crop and Soil Sciences Research