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Ramsey Lewis


Tobacco Breeding & Genetics


Williams Hall 4310


Current research activities are directed towards genetics and breeding in the genus Nicotiana. More specifically, research is being conducted to take advantage of biological features of these species in order to:

  • develop and study improved and novel plant breeding methodologies
  • understand the molecular basis of disease resistance in crop plants
  • develop and deploy genetics-based technologies for eliminating or reducing harmful constituents contained in cured tobacco leaves (in cooperation with Dr. Ralph Dewey).

Methods used in our research are very diverse and include plant transformation, DNA marker based techniques, mutagenesis, and conventional field-based approaches.

Our research program also manages the United States Nicotiana Germplasm Collection

and the CORESTA Series of Smokeless Tobacco Reference Products

CS (GN, HS) 860 – Plant Breeding Laboratory I
CS (GN, HS) 861 – Plant Breeding Laboratory II

CS 211 – Plant Genetics


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