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Did you know that Crop and Soil Sciences offers two undergraduate certificate programs that are courses of study in the fundamentals of crop science and soil science? Did you know you can complete a Master of Soil Science online?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Crop Science online program provides a course of study in the fundamentals of crop science. The program courses cover the importance of agronomic crops for the state and national economy; the interaction of agronomic growth, development and yield with environmental factors; sound and sustainable production systems for agronomic crops; scientific and societal issues related to biotechnology applications in crop production; and the marketing and distribution of these crops and their relation to overcoming world hunger.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Soil Science online program offers a course of study that enables students to obtain the minimum 15 credit hours of soil science courses that are required to become a licensed soil scientist in some states or, nationally, a certified professional soil scientist. In addition, the program provides subject area credits necessary to qualify for soil scientist and conservationist positions in the federal, state and local governments.

The online Master of Soil Science program enhances professional skills and expertise essential to evaluating land for a variety of uses that include wetlands protection and restoration, on-site waste disposal, forest management, horticulture, as well as agriculture. The program allows students to increase their technical knowledge as well as develop field skills for understanding how soils should best be managed to maintain environmental quality and human health.

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