A Major Birth Announcement: BS in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

“Global food and agriculture challenges are complex, and not solved by a single discipline.”  Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno explains how the brand new Crop and Soil Sciences major, Bachelor of Science in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems came to be. “It’s cross departmental with Horticulture—a true multi-disciplinary degree. The resources and expertise of both departments provides students with something more.”

Agriculture is in general, a declining population. It’s less than one per cent of the nation’s population, and everybody has to be included in the solution. “It’s a goal to diversify the student population…to include more women and underrepresented minorities. Looking at farming and urban agriculture, 50% more women are in core classes now, and we have a good mix both ag and non-ag background.”

Dr. Schroeder-Moreno points to the Agroecology Farm as the ideal opportunity for hands-on training in the new major. “The value of the program like this at NC State, is our strong history of agriculture education and research. Diverse and deep— that fits us. Not all programs offer community, food sustainability and strength in agriculture.”


Take a look at the Agroecology Farm https://agroecologyeducationfarm.wordpress.ncsu.edu/

Visit the Crop and Soil Sciences Department https://cals.ncsu.edu/crop-and-soil-sciences/