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Communications Project Request Form

We deliver integrated, strategic marketing and communications services to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and NC State Extension.

Partner with Us

The project request is only the beginning. After you submit the form, we will contact you within 24 hours to start the conversation. We then work with you to determine the best strategies to meet your goals.


The service rate is $75/hr, except for videography and photography.

Start the Process

We recommend having the following information ready before submitting a request:

  • Deadline for when you need the project completed/product delivered
  • If providing the content for the project, have it compiled and organized
  • Contact info for all approvers
  • Account number for billing (we verify all project numbers before starting work)

To request a project, complete the form below. Contact us with questions about our services or the request form. Note: This form is not for website content updates or technical support. Please submit a ticket to

Project Request

MM slash DD slash YYYY
A brief description of the project (e.g., CALS annual report, biochemistry marketing strategy)
Project Type(Required)
Is the request for a new project (i.e., you've never requested CALS Comm for this), an update to a past project (e.g., an annual event program), or a reprint of materials we've produced before (e.g., one-pagers)?

Contact Information

Who is the primary point of contact for this project?
Project Contact Information
The name of your department, unit or center/program in CALS.

Project Needs

In this section, identify your objectives, the target audience for this project, and what products you think you'll need to help meet your needs.
Note: After we review the information, we may provide additional or alternative recommendations we think will help you be successful.
What is the purpose of the marketing communications product you're requesting? Examples: (1) increase event registrations, (2) build awareness of a program, (3) increase website traffic, (4) attract attendees to our display booth, (5) disseminate info on a new program.
Who are you trying to reach?
When do you need the product? (Example: If shipping is involved, provide the date you need it in hand).
MM slash DD slash YYYY


The services we offer in CALS Communications based on your needs.
CREATIVE SERVICES - We Tell Your Story Visually
Our award-winning creative group visualizes the CALS brand through graphic and web design and the multimedia arts such as video, audio and photography.
STRATEGY SERVICES - We Elevate the Impact of Your Work
We will develop and execute effective communication strategies and tactics that reach your target audiences and achieve your goals and objectives.
EDITORIAL SERVICES - We Clarify and Polish Your Message
You've got the words. We'll make them shine and stand strong with the powerful NC State "Think and Do" voice and tone.

Budget and More Info

We verify account information before we accept and begin a project.
Please provide any additional information that will help with this project.
MM slash DD slash YYYY