Graduate Students

Several graduate programs overlap with the Department of Applied Ecology. We offer five master's and two Ph.D. degree tracks in specific areas of zoology,environmental assessment or fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology.

Last First Faculty Advisor Degree Profile Contact
Alicea Anna Barnes Cope PhD/ZO Webpage
Andersen Linnea Reading MS/ZO Webpage
Archambault Jennifer Cope PhD/ZO Webpage
Balik Jared Taylor PhD/ZO Webpage
Binion Samantha Buckel PhD/FWCB Webpage
Bogdanoff Alex Layman PhD/FWCB Webpage
Cope Wm. Robert Kwak MS/FWCB Webpage
Ducharme Erin Reading MS/ZO Webpage
Felton Shilo Simons PhD/FWCB Webpage
Gallagher Riley Buckel MS/FWCB Webpage
Giacomini Jonathan Irwin PhD/ZO Webpage
Griffin Sean Haddad PhD/ZO Webpage
Halawani Omar Dunn/Smith MS/ZO Webpage
Hamon Laura Irwin PhD/ZO Webpage
Haug Erika Richardson PhD/FWCB Webpage
Heiling Jacob Irwin PhD/ZO Webpage
Henry Erica Haddad PhD/ZO Webpage
Hensel Enie Layman PhD/ZO Webpage
Irizarry Amarilys Collazo MS /ZO Webpage
Kemmerling Lindsey Haddad PhD/ZO Webpage
Kettenbach Jessica Irwin PhD/ZO Webpage
Kiekebusch Elsita Haddad PhD/ZO Webpage
Krause Jacob Buckel/Hightower PhD/FWCB Webpage
Lamb April Layman/Fischer MS/ZO Webpage
Lombardo Steven Buckel MS/FWCB Webpage
Maurer Andrew Layman PhD/ZO Webpage
Mort Sandy Cope PhD/ZO Webpage
Page Jessica Collazo MS/ZO Webpage
Pardee Gabriella Irwin PhD/ZO Webpage
Parker Stephen Fischer MS/FWCB Webpage
Pinilla Simon Irwin MS/FWCB Webpage
Prado Sara Collazo PhD/ZO Webpage
Rajab Sarah Daniels PhD/ZO Webpage
Reed Emily Reiskind MS/ZO Webpage
Rivera-Burgos Ana Collazo MS/ZO Webpage
Rossi Ryann Layman PhD/ZO Webpage
Runde Brendan Buckel PhD/FWCB Webpage
Sanders Andrew Taylor PhD/ZO Webpage
Thoemmes Megan Dunn PhD/ZO Webpage
Wooster Emilee Layman MS/ZO Webpage