Physiology and Behavior Concentration

The Physiology and Behavior concentration only has a Ph.D. offering at this time (no M.S.). All requirements below are for Ph.D. students.

Biotechnology Requirement

Concentration Chair

Dr. Russell Borski

Biological Sciences

Choose one of the following:

  • ST511 or ST512 — Experimental Statistics in Biological Sciences I & II, (Fall and Spring; Staff)
  • Bioinformatics course, such as BIT815 or others (with permission from advisory committee and concentration chair)


Quantitative Biology Requirement

One course appropriate based on thesis research. See example below, but other courses can also satisfy this requirement; please consult your mentor, advisory committee, and concentration chair:

  • BIT510, Core Technologies in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Fall; Staff)


Participating Faculty

NameEmailDepartmentResearch Interests
Anholt, Robertanholt@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Belcher, Scottsmbelch2@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Borski, Russellrjb@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesFish endocrinology and physiological, molecular, and cellular developmental biology
Buchwalter, Daviddbbuchwa@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesToxicology and Environmental Health Sciences; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Integrative Physiology, Neurobiology, and Behavior
Buckel, Jeffjabuckel@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyMarine fisheries biology
Godwin, Johngodwin@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Hawkins, Mary Bethbhawkins@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
MacKay, Trudymackay@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
McGraw, Lisalamcgraw@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesBehavioral neurogenomics
Meitzen, John Edwardjemeitze@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Morris, Jamesjamorri2@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Parks ,Lisaldparks@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Patisaul, Heatherhbpatisa@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Reading, Benjaminbjreadin@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Ross, Annahross@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesForensic Anthropology
Schweitzer, Marymhschwei@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesMolecular paleontology, diagenesis, and taphonomy
Smith, Adrianaasmith7@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences