Ecology and Evolution Concentration

Ph.D. students are required to take one course in ecology and one course in evolution. M.S. students are required to take either one course in ecology or one course in evolution. The courses listed below satisfy the ecology and cvolution requirements. In addition, it is recommended that all students take one or more quantitative courses (such as ST511 and ST512).

Ecology Requirement

Concentration Chair

Dr. Alonso Ramirez

Choose one of the following:

  • AEC503 — Foundations of Ecology (Spring; Irwin)
  • AEC519 — Freshwater Ecology (Fall; Taylor)
  • AEC761 — Conservation Biology (Fall; Staff)
  • BIO/BMA560 — Population Ecology (Spring odd years;Gross)
  • MEA750 — Marine Benthic Ecology (Fall and Spring; Eggleston)
  • PB565 — Plant Community Ecology (Fall; Staff)

Evolution Requirement

Choose one of the following:

  • ZO592 — Evolutionary Ecology (Fall odd years; Langerhans)
  • ENT591 — Principles of Biosystematics (Term TBA; Wiegmann)
  • Pending course number — Human Paleontology (Term TBA; Ross)
  • GN703 — Population and Quantitiatve Genetics (Spring; Staff)
  • AEC550 — Conservation Genetics (Spring odd years; Reiskind)

Participating Faculty

NameEmailDepartmentResearch Interests
Aday, Derekddaday@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquatic ecology and fisheries
Bogan, Arthuraebogan@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Boreman, Johnjohn.boreman@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Borski, Russellrjb@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesFish endocrinology and physiological, molecular, and cellular developmental biology
Buchwalter, Daviddbbuchwa@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesToxicology and Environmental Health Sciences; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Integrative Physiology, Neurobiology, and Behavior
Buckel, Jeffjabuckel@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyMarine fisheries biology
Collazo, Jaimejcollazo@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyWetland ecology and avian biology
Cope, Greggreg_cope@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquatic toxicology, molluscan and fish biology, physiology
Daniels, Harryharry_daniels@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquaculture of freshwater and marine fish and shrimp
Dunn, Robrob_dunn@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesEcology and evolutionary biology of daily life
Eaton, Mitchellmitchell.eaton@usgs.govApplied Ecology
Eggleston, Davideggleston@ncsu.eduMarine, Earth And Atmospheric
Gross, Kevinkrgross@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Haddad, Nicknick_haddad@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesEcology and conservation biology
Heise, Ryanrjheise@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Irwin, Beckyreirwin@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyEcology and evolution, multiple-species interactions, pollination biology, and species invasions
Kwak, Tomtkwak@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyFish and mussel ecology and management, conservation ecology, production biology
Langerhans, Brianrblanger@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesEvolutionary ecology
Layman, Craigcalayman@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquatic ecology, food webs, predator-pray interactions, outreach and education
MacKay, Trudymackay@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
McGraw, Lisalamcgraw@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesBehavioral neurogenomics
McKerrow, Alexaalexa_mckerrow@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
McMahon, Geraldgmcmahon@usgs.govApplied Ecology
Morris, Jamesjamorri2@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Pacifici, Krishnajkpacifi@ncsu.eduFisheries and Wildlife
Pollock, Kennethpollock@ncsu.eduApplied EcologySampling theory and survey methodology of wildlife and fisheries
Reiskind, Martha Burfordmbreiski@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyMolecular ecology of aquatic species
Roberts, Readerbrober2@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Ross, Annahross@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesForensic Anthropology
Schweitzer, Marymhschwei@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesMolecular paleontology, diagenesis, and taphonomy
Simons, Tedtsimons@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAvian ecology, wildlife biology, and conservation biology
Smith, Adrianaasmith7@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Taylor, Bradbwtaylo3@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyFreshwater Ecosystems
Terrando, Adamajterand@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Zanno, Lindsaylezanno@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesPaleobiology and paleoecology