Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Concentration

Required Coursework

Concentration Chair

Dr. Brad Taylor

M.S. and Ph.D. students choose one of the following:

  • AEC592, Foundations of Freshwater Science (Spring; Taylor)
  • AEC592, Water Quality (Fall; Daniels)
  • AEC624, Marine Fisheries Ecology (Fall, Buckel)



Restricted Electives

Choose a minimum of one course for M.S., two for Ph.D.:

AEC515 — Fish Physiology (Fall odd years; Reading) AEC519 — Freshwater Ecology (Fall even years; Taylor)
AEC550 — Conservation Genetics (Spring odd years; Reiskind) AEC586 & 587 — Aquaculture & Laboratory (Spring even years; Daniels)
AEC592 — Foundations of Freshwater Science (Spring; Taylor) (*If not taken as required course) AEC592 — Water Quality (Fall; Daniels) (*If not taken as required course)
AEC592 — Management of Small Impounds (Fall; Kwak) AEC592 — Fish Bioenergetics Modeling (Spring; Rice)
AEC592 — Aquatic Plant Ecology (Fall; Burkholder) AEC624 — Marine Fisheries Ecology (Fall, Buckel) (*If not taken as required course)
AEC726 — Quantitative Fisheries Management (Fall even years; Fischer) AEC/ENT509 — Biology of Aquatic Insects (Spring odd years; Taylor/Silverman)
BMA772 — Stochastic Processes in Biology (Spring odd years; Gross) FW511 — Human Dimensions of Wildlife (Spring odd years; Peterson)
MEA549 — Principles of Biological Oceanography (Fall; Eggleston) NR595 — Natural Resource Policy and Management (Fall; Hess)
ZO524 — Comparative Endocrinology (Spring; Borski)

Additional Electives

Classes to consider but not required (consult with your mentor and advisory committee):

AEC592, Machine Learning Approaches in Biology (Spring odd years; Reading) AEC592, Topics, Methods, and Applications in Decision Science (Spring; Eaton)
AEC592, Climate Change and Conservation (Fall; Terando) AEC601, Seminar (Fall & Spring; Staff)
AEC761, Conservation Biology (Fall; Staff) BMA560, Population Ecology (Spring odd years; Gross)
BMA567, Modeling Biological Systems (Alternate years; Gross) FW730, Ethics in Fisheries and Wildlife (Fall; Stoskopf)
GIS510, Introduction to Geographic Information Science (Fall&Spring; Staff) ST505, Applied Nonparametric Statistics (Spring; Lu)
ST511, Experimental Statistics in Biological Sciences I (Fall&Spring; Staff) ST512, Experimental Statistics in Biological Sciences I (Fall&Spring; Staff)
TOX715, Environmental Toxicology (Fall; Buchwalter) ZO592, Evolutionary Ecology (Fall odd years; Langerhans)
ZO710, Hierarchical Species-Habitat Modeling (Spring; Collazo)

Participating Faculty

NameEmailDepartmentResearch Interests
Aday, Derekddaday@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquatic ecology and fisheries
Bogan,Arthuraebogan@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Boreman Jr,Johnjohn.boreman@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Borski, Russellrjb@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesFish endocrinology and physiological, molecular, and cellular developmental biology
Buchwalter, Daviddbbuchwa@ncsu.eduBiological SciencesToxicology and Environmental Health Sciences; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Integrative Physiology, Neurobiology, and Behavior
Buckel, Jeffjabuckel@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyMarine fisheries biology
Cope, Greggreg_cope@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquatic toxicology, molluscan and fish biology, physiology
Daniels, Harryharry_daniels@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyAquaculture of freshwater and marine fish and shrimp
Eggleston,Davideggleston@ncsu.eduMarine, Earth And Atmospheric
Fischer, Jessejessefischer@gmail.comApplied Ecology
Godwin, Johngodwin@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Heise, Ryanrjheise@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Hinshaw, Jeffreyjeff_hinshaw@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Kwak, Tomtkwak@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyFish and mussel ecology and management, conservation ecology, production biology
Losordo, Thomastlosordo@ncsu.eduBiological & Agricultural Engineering
Morris, Jamesjamorri2@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Pollock, Kennethpollock@ncsu.eduApplied EcologySampling theory and survey methodology of wildlife and fisheries
Reading, Benjaminbjreadin@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Reiskind, Martha Burfordmbreiski@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyMolecular ecology of aquatic species
Rice, Jamesjrice@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Roberts, Readerbrober2@ncsu.eduBiological Sciences
Shertzer, Kylekyle_shertzer@ncsu.eduApplied Ecology
Taylor, Bradbwtaylo3@ncsu.eduApplied EcologyFreshwater Ecosystems