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M.S. Marine Biology, University of North Carolina Wilmington (2016)
B.S. Marine Biology, University of North Carolina Wilmington (2013)

Selected Publications

Kotlarz, N.; McCord, J.; Collier, D.; Lea, C. S.; Strynar, M.; Lindstrom, A. B.; Wilkie, A. A.; Islam, J. Y.; Matney, K.; Tarte, P.; Polera, M.E.; Burdette, K.; DeWitt, J.; May, K.; Smart, R. C.; Knappe, D. R.U.; Hoppin, J. A. Measurement of Novel, Drinking Water-Associated PFAS in Blood from Adults and Children in Wilmington, North Carolina. (2020) Environ. Health Perspect. 128 (July), 1– 12, DOI: 10.1289/EHP6837

Fisk II, J. M., C.W. Morgeson, and M.E. Polera. (2019). Evaluation of recreational hand-crank electrofishing on introduced catfish species in southeastern North Carolina. North American Journal of Fisheries Management: 39 (1) 150-165. doi:10.1002/nafm.10255 Guillette,

T.C., J. McCord, M. Guillette, M.E. Polera, K. T. Rachels, C. W. Morgeson, N. Kotlarz, D. Knappe, B. J. Reading, M, Strynar, S. B. Belcher. (2019). Elevated Levels of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Cape Fear River Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) are Associated with Biomarkers of Altered Immune and Liver Function. Environment International


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