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Jesse Fischer

Asst Research Professor

David Clark Labs 217


Ph.D., Fisheries Biology, Iowa State University (2012)

Research Interests

I have a broad interest in fish ecology and increasing understanding of how biotic and abiotic factors influence assemblage structure and population dynamics. Additionally, I am most interested in research that focuses on answering questions that may guide science-based management and conservation decisions related to fish and their habitat. As such, I often work closely with state and federal natural resource agencies and, along with my collaborators, I employ a diversity of research approaches that often include field observations and/or experimental manipulations to create a better understanding of aquatic ecosystems. I have been fortunate to work with fish and other aquatic organisms of conservation concern, recreational importance, as well as invasive species in a wide variety of aquatic systems. Additionally, I have experience working in a diversity of ecosystems throughout the Midwest, the Southwest, and now currently in North Carolina and Puerto Rico.

Web Resources

Selected Publications

Fischer, J.R. and M.C. Quist. 2014. Characterizing lentic freshwater fish assemblages using multiple sampling methods. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186:4461–4477.

Smith, C.D., J.R. Fischer, and M.C. Quist. 2014. Historical Changes in Nebraska’s Lotic Fish Assemblages: A Spatiotemporal Assessment. American Midland Naturalist 172:160–184.

Fischer, J.R., R.M. Burch, and M.C. Quist. 2013. Influences of native and non-native benthivorous fishes on aquatic ecosystem degradation. Hydrobiologia 711:187–199.

Fischer, J.R., T.E. Neebling, and M.C. Quist. 2012. Development and evaluation of a boat-mounted RFID antenna for monitoring freshwater mussel populations. Freshwater Science 31:148–153.

Fischer, J.R., M.C. Quist, S.L. Wigen, A.J. Schaefer, T.W. Stewart, and T.M. Isenhart. 2010. Assemblage and population level responses of stream fish to riparian buffers at multiple spatial scales. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 139:185–200.

Fischer, J.R., and C.P. Paukert. 2009. Effects of sampling effort, assemblage similarity, and habitat heterogeneity on estimates of species richness and relative abundance of stream fishes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 66(2):277–290.

Fischer, J.R., and C.P. Paukert. 2008. Historical and current environmental influences on an endemic Great Plains fish. American Midland Naturalist 159: 364–377.

Fischer, J.R., and C.P. Paukert. 2008. Habitat relationships with fish assemblages in minimally disturbed Great Plains regions. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 17:597–609.


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