Undergraduate Research Opportunities for 2019-2020

Below are the current research opportunities for undergraduate students looking to gain additional experience in their fields of study.  These opportunities can also fulfill the AEC 492/493 Learning Experience requirement for Applied Ecology minor students.  All below opportunities are available to any undergraduate students (not just AE minors).

Topics: Microbiology, Entomology
Supervisor/Lab: Rob Dunn
Email: rrdunn@ncsu.edu

  • The effects of alcohol on fecal-oral pathogens (e.g., did alcohol help to safeguard medieval populations against unsafe drinking water).
  • The use of ants to make new kinds of vinegars.
  • The geography and ecology of insects eaten by chimpanzees
  • Spice use as a function of climate
  • A flavor profile of ants from different parts of the world

Topics: Pollination Biology, Plants, Pathogens, Climate Change
Supervisor/Lab: Rebecca Irwin
Email: reirwin@ncsu.edu 

Opportunities to work with live bees studying the effects of nectar and pollen diet and chemistry on bee health and disease.  Opportunities to work with pinned bees to study the effects of climate change and urbanization on bee abundance, diversity, and functional traits.

Topics: Stream Ecology, Invertebrates, Fishes
Supervisor/Lab: Alonso Ramirez
Email: alonso.ramirez@ncsu.edu

Undergraduates interested in urban streams are welcome. 

  • What general systems I study
    • Urban stream ecology, in particular how stream restoration benefit fish and macroinvertebrate fauna.  We focus on Rocky Branch, our campus urban stream.
  • What research opportunities are currently available to undergrads, and/or what sorts of opportunities you are interested to develop 
    • Studies on benthic macroinvertebrates and fish
    • Insect identification 
    • Hourly work sorting insects from samples

Topics: Urban Pollination Biology
Supervisor/Lab: Elsa Youngsteadt
Email: ekyoungs@ncsu.edu

Undergrad projects will likely have something to do with urban pollinators or urban plant-insect interactions; I welcome students who want to take on an independent project or who are interested in working hourly on various projects in the lab, such as specimen prep, counting/weighing seeds, etc.

Topics: Water Quality, Algae, Aquatic Research
Supervisor/Lab: JoAnn Burkholder
Email: joann_burkholder@ncsu.edu

We welcome undergraduate students to the Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology. There are several research opportunities available, including:

  • Water quality
  • Algae (ecology, and interactions, i.e. predatory behaviors)
  • Aquatic technology
  • Data management

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