Sharing Sourdough for Science in Denmark

Graphic by Matie Bach Sørensen

The 2019 Circumference seminar by the Food Organization of Denmark featured contributions to The Sourdough Project led by Prof. Rob DunnThe seminar was held as a pre-event to the Food Festival in Aarhus, Denmark. 

400 sourdough starters were created from the workshop and were offered to attendees with descriptions of each sourdough type.  Students at Risskov Gymnasium that attended Circumference have taken home starters to test and record how the different sourdoughs develop within two weeks.  Danish sourdough supporters can follow their progress on the Surdejshistorier facebook page.

“A special thanks to Food Organisation of Denmark and Food Festival for hosting the event, Nefissa Naguib and Joshua Evans for contributing at Circumference, and to all the other attending people on the day who contributed with knowledge, insight and to a good and relaxed atmosphere,” says program organizer, Zenia Strunck Mikkelsen.

You too can become a member of Team Sourdough!  Find out how below:


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