Seeking Wild Sourdough

Watch above for the first Fermentology mini-seminar where Lauren Nichols and Dr. Erin McKenney introduced Wild Sourdough, a new sourdough science collaborative project, based on insights and questions raised from the original Sourdough Project.

The team are keen to know the smell of your dough, and how high your starter will rise to the challenge, all while changing some variables about where and how you prep your sourdough. For more, read about The Great Sourdough Mystery and join the Wild Sourdough community on facebook!

Join us next week! The Fermentology mini-seminars are live every Thursday at 4pm EST. See the full-line up and RSVP here for connection details.

2 responses on “Seeking Wild Sourdough

  1. Michael Hooning says:

    Hi there. I’m participating in the Wild Sourdough project, and have a question about the one I’ve started using buckwheat flour. Following your instructions using flour makes a very dry mixture, and I wonder if I can modify the procedure by adding more water, maybe 1:1 buckwheat flour/water.


    1. Hi Michael! This is a great question for the facebook group:

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