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Evolution in the Age of Us: Mechanisms and consequences of anthropogenic selection in the wild

April 23 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Shane Campbell-Staton evolutionary biology lecture poster

Join us for the Brandt lecture with Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton from UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Institute for Society and Genetics.  His talk is titled, “Evolution in the Age of Us: Mechanisms and consequences of anthropogenic selection in the wild.”

Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton.  Picture used with permission from Ben Gebo Photography.

Human modifications to the natural world present extreme and novel environments for many species around the globe, and offer unique opportunities to study biological change in real-time. Understanding the proximate (physiological/developmental) and ultimate (evolutionary) mechanisms that drive adaptive responses to human-altered environments is among the most pressing concerns of contemporary organismal biology. Studies of anthropogenic selection offer novel perspectives on classic and outstanding questions across evolutionary biology and may have important implications for contemporary human health. Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton’s research integrates diverse experimental and methodological techniques to gain a deeper understanding of how human activity and decision making shape biological stress and evolution in the modern world. This seminar will highlight his current research at the intersection of evolution and human-induced global change.

The Brandt Lecture is an annual event named in honor of Dr. Bartholomew B. Brandt. Dr. Brandt was a highly influential faculty member and professor at NCSU. Beginning in 1992, a long list of distinguished Brandt Lecturers have given presentations about ecology and evolution. The lecture draws a broad range of students, faculty, and staff from many departments at NCSU and the entire Research Triangle area, including scholars and students at Duke and UNC.


April 23
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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Applied Ecology