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Xiaoyong Zheng

Professor, Director of Graduate Program

Graduate Program Director

Nelson Hall 3322


Area(s) of Expertise

  • Agricultural Economics: Prices, Markets and Policy
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Industrial Organization

Dr. Xiaoyong Zheng studies markets with asymmetric information. His published and working projects include empirical studies of auctions (public works; timber; conservation reservation), contracts (marketing and production contracts in agriculture) and insurance (health; crop). He is also an applied econometrician, applying microeconometrics methods to study policy-relevant issues in food demand, health and international trade.

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Selected Publications

Cho, M. and X. Zheng (forthcoming): “Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Panel Gravity Model,” Econometric Reviews.

Zheng, Y., T. Vukina and X. Zheng (forthcoming): “Risk Aversion, Moral Hazard, and Gender Differences in Health Care Utilization,” Geneva Risk and Insurance Review. 

He, J., X. Zheng, R. M. Rejesus and J. M. Yorobe (forthcoming): “Input Use under Cost-of-Production Crop Insurance: Theory and Evidence,” Agricultural Economics. 

Zhen, C. and X. Zheng (forthcoming): “The Impact of NuVal Shelf Nutrition Labels on Food Purchase,” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

He, J., X. Zheng, R. M. Rejesus and J. M. Yorobe (2019): “Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Effects of Cost-of-Production Crop Insurance: Evidence from the Philippines,” Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 63, 1, 166-197.

He, J., R. M. Rejesus, X. Zheng and J. M. Yorobe (2018): “Advantageous Selection in Crop Insurance: Evidence from the Philippines,” Journal of Agricultural Economics, 69, 3, 646-668.

Choi, H. J., M. K. Wohlgenant and X. Zheng (2013): “Household-level Welfare Effects of Organic Milk Introduction,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(4): 1009–1028.

Hammond, R. G. and X. Zheng (2013): “Heterogeneity in Tournaments with Incomplete Information: An Experimental Analysis,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 248–260.

Li, T. and X. Zheng (2012): “Information Acquisition and/or Bid Preparation: A Structural Analysis of Entry and Bidding in Timber Sale Auctions,” Journal of Econometrics, 168, 29–46.

Vukina, T. and X. Zheng (2011): “Homogenous and Heterogenous Contestants in Piece Rate Tournaments: Theory and Empirical Analysis,” Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 29:4, 506-517.

Zheng, X. (2009): “Quantifying the Cost of Excess Market Thickness in Timber Sale Auctions,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27, 553–566.

Li, T. and X. Zheng (2009): “Entry and Competition Effects in First-Price Auctions: Theory and Evidence from Procurement Auctions,” Review of Economic Studies, 76(4): 1397-1429.

Zheng, X. and T. Vukina (2009): “Do Alternative Marketing Arrangements Increase Pork Packers’ Market Power?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 91(1): 250–263.

Li, T. and X. Zheng (2008): “Semiparametric Bayesian Inference for Dynamic Tobit Panel Data Models with Unobserved Heterogeneity,” Journal of Applied Econometrics, 23(6): 699-728.

Vukina, T., X. Zheng, M. Marra and A. Levy (2008): “Do Farmers Value the Environment? Evidence from a Conservation Reserve Program Auction,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26, 1323– 1332.

Zheng, X. and T. Vukina (2007): “Efficiency Gains from Organizational Innovation: Comparing Ordinal and Cardinal Tournament Games in Broiler Contracts,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25, 843–859.

Vukina, T. and X. Zheng (2007): “Structural Estimation of Rank-Order Tournaments with Private Information,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 89(3): 651–664.


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Ph.D., Economics, Indiana University (2005)