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Laura Villegas Ortiz

Graduate Student

My name is Laura, I am a Colombian PhD student. I am from Cota, a very small agricultural town just in the outskirts of a massive city, Bogotá. I have been closely exposed to the rural and urban lifestyles of people in my country. My experiences growing up in a part-hysterical, part-desperate, and part-peaceful environment of a country with a rather peculiar political history where social injustice and apparently unnecessary poverty are widespread, are the main reason behind my desire to remain in the economics path. I care about people and the environment — I’m also into agriculture. I want to find ways to design and promote sustainable, feasible and morally sound policies that guide the administration of natural resources and the building of cohesive and healthy communities. For that reason, I chose environmental and development economics as my fields of specialization as part of my PhD training in Agricultural and Resource Economics.


B.S., Economics, Montana State University
B.A., Political Science/International Relations, Montana State University
M.S. , Applied Economics, Montana State University