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Ahad Pezeshkpoor

Graduate Student

4221 Nelson Hall

Dissertation Chair: Ed Kick / Barry Goodwin

I am a 4th year graduate student seeking a Ph.D. in Economics.  My home country is Iran.  My research has two parts.  I have published with Professor Ed Kick, and continue to work with him on research papers that fully model the indirect and direct causes of cross-national variations in food insecurity and in the ecological footprint.

With the use of structural equation modeling we are able to estimate the theoretical superiority of models based on the global biomes, the global political-economic system, national institutions such as economy and polity, industrial agriculture, and production/specialization in agricultural outputs such as bovine meat, cereals, and fruits and vegetables.  Recent policy statements from the World Bank and United Nations agree with our findings.

My dissertation adopts a macroeconomic approach to the US agricultural policy. I am currently focusing on the effects of planting restrictions on the fruits and vegetables market. I wish to see if certain limitations on fruits and vegetables can lead to an increase in obesity.