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Student Spotlight: William Deslauriers

Student William Deslauriers (on the left.) posing with 2 other students
William (L) in Rome

Please provide some background on yourself. How did you become interested in ag business?

I became interested in Agricultural business because of my brother Roland. He is my older brother. We both did not grow up on a farm, and I never thought I would be studying it. He went to NC State to major in it 2 years before me and told me all about it. This influenced me to give it some thought of studying it and it eventually did persuade me.

Why did you choose NC State Agricultural Business Management?

I chose NC State Agricultural Business Management because of how good of a program NC State has for ag. I truly believe we have the best professors and department in the country. Everyone is so helpful here. I knew it would not be an easy major because of how top tier it is, but I have always liked to challenge myself and to strive to get better. Agricultural Business Management has helped me grow as a person and grow as a lead which I am thankful for.

Tell us about what your brother who graduated with a degree in ABM are doing now.

Roland throughout college was working at a hydroponic farm. It is based in Raleigh and him studying agricultural business helped him get that job. He is now the multi-media specialist for NC State’s sports program. He makes the videos for their social media accounts. The business aspect in ag-business helped him get that position. When people hear ag-business they think it is just about farming, but there is way more to it then that. You don’t only study agriculture, a great deal of the major is learning stuff that normal business students are studying.

What are you working on right now?

Currently I am working on getting a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Econ. I will be graduating next December. After that I am deciding to continue school and try to get into graduate school or I will enter the workforce. I would like to find a job dealing with either marketing and sales or economics.  

Tell us about your study abroad experience.

My study abroad experience was something I will always remember. I highly recommend college students do the may semester trips in Agricultural Business along with any other  major. It was a 16 day trip, with lots of traveling. Every 2-3 days you are going somewhere new. It seems short to some people but with the amount you see in those 16 days was actually the perfect amount of time.

I went to Italy with 13 others. I thought I knew what to expect, but it was even better then I could imagine. Dr. Melissa Hendrickson planned everything out perfectly and the bonds I formed with classmates is something special. We got to see the big cities and even stay with a family in the mountains. Even thought it was a lot of sightseeing, everything was somehow school related. We saw everything from wineries to meat production to tomato production. It gave us an opportunity to see different positions that will be available to us post-graduation, and what we might want to do with our degree.

What do you most value about your college experience?

The thing that I value most from my college experience is how I have grown as a person. In college you learn how to survive by yourself. There are high moments and there are low moments. NC State is a tough college to attend because they make you work. I have formed connections with other students and with faculty and staff. I truly believe that it has prepared me for the “real world” because nothing is handed to you here.

What have you learned that you will take with you when you graduate?

The thing I learned from attending NC State and studying ag-business is if you believe in yourself, let others help you where you need a hand, and work hard, success will come, and that is the best feeling in the world.