Scott Cravens, IT Administrator, Retiring After 28 Years

Scott Cravens, IT Administrator for the ARE Department, is retiring after working at NC State University for 28 years! A West Virginia native, Scott has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Marshall University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from NC State in Meteorology. He initially joined the department (which was then called the Department of Economics and Business) as a part time application programmer while attending NC State as a Meteorology student. After 2 years, he was offered a full time position with ARE. In addition to assisting the department with copious amounts of IT related issues over the years, Scott also provided the department with weather alerts and updates, particularly before any snow storms or hurricanes. His favorite part of working at NC State was becoming the sole IT administrator for ARE and working with many great colleagues. Among his many skills, Scott is also a certified EMT and is looking forward to continuing on this path and attending school to become a paramedic after retirement.

We wish Scott the best of luck during retirement and thank him for all of his years of service to NC State and to our department!

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