Norway and Sweden Study Abroad: The Highlights

Nineteen students departed for Scandinavia on May 12, 2019 for an experience of a lifetime. These students made the world their classroom by visiting agribusinesses and aquabusinesses in Norway and Sweden. Their stops included:

  • Ice Hotel (Tourism)

    Meg Anderson , sophomore in Agriculture Business Management.
  • LKAB Iron Mine
  • Nutti Sami Siida Reindeer Farm
  • Den Sorte Gryte Goat Dairy Farm
  • Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre
  • Tromsø Aquaculture research facility
  • Nofima’s Aquaculture and Food Science research facilities
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala

The students returned on May 25, 2019 with a unique set of experiences and a new awareness of Scandinavian agriculture, aquaculture, and agribusiness practices.

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