Mike Walden Announces Retirement After 43 Years at NC State

When Mike arrived at NC State in 1978.

After over 4 decades of service to the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and NC State University, Mike Walden will retire in March 2021. Walden is a highly productive and forward-facing member of ARE who will be impossible to replace. Fortunately, as a professor emeritus, he will continue his radio and newspaper programs and will still be engaged in the economic development of North Carolina.

Several leaders in our community have expressed their gratitude to Mike for all he has done for agriculture and economic development in the state.

Mike loves the state fair which is a showcase of the strength and pride in agriculture in North Carolina.

Dean Richard Linton stated:

When you look up the name “Mike Walden” in the “Dictionary of Agriculture”….it will say something like “NC State’s great economist and trusted resource.” Mike is an institution, at our institution. He has provided the economic projections that our farmers and agricultural stakeholders have relied on to make important everyday decisions – decisions that have helped to make our Ag economy so strong in NC. Most of all, Mike is a true gentleman, a statesman, and has always been committed to excellence in his profession.  He will be greatly missed by all of NC. The college wishes Mike and his family the very best in the next chapter of life!

Associate Dean Richard Bonanno commented:

Dr. Walden has provided invaluable perspectives, facts, and thought-provoking questions from NC State University to the public sector. His contributions not only include agriculture but go far beyond, addressing many topics that impact North Carolinians on a daily basis. He has never been afraid to engage in the tough conversations while always making sure that in the end, “You Decide.” Mike, thank you so much for your time with us!

Stay tuned for Mike’s retrospective look at his career as an economist and the lessons he has learned in the next issue of the NC State Economist. Subscribe here.

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