Faculty Promoted in ARE

Congratulations are in order for Harrison Fell and Julianne Treme. Fell was awarded tenure and Treme was promoted to Teaching Associate Professor.

Fell joined NC State in July 2016 and his research is focused on environmental, energy, and natural resources economics, with an emphasis on policy-relevant work. Relating to energy systems, his recent work focuses on renewable energy, emissions regulations, and electricity market regulations.

Treme joined NC State in June 2014 and is passionate about undergraduate research.  She strives to develop high-quality research projects with students to maximize their undergraduate experience and has a long track-record of working with students to create research papers, posters, and conference presentations. Her research interests are in the field of Applied Microeconomics. Topics include scholarship of teaching and learning, agricultural nutrition, health economics, and sports economics. She teaches in both the 4-year Agribusiness Management program and the 2-year Agricultural Institute program.


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