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Discovering NC Dairy and Busting Milk Myths

A member of the audience tries out the VR Dairy Experience.

ARE Dairy Extension Associate Brittany Whitmire and Animal Science Extension Associate Shannon Davidson presented “Milk Busters: Raising Dairy Awareness” at the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Conference on November 15, 2018.

They shared the news that they have 3 kiosks showcasing a virtual dairy farm that can be used across the state for events such as school visits or fairs. They also presented virtual reality (VR) headsets that the user can wear to see a dairy farm in action. An upcoming partnership with the Dairy Alliance will strength the VR presence in the state with a total of 75 headsets (3 sets of 25) which will engage youth and non-agricultural audiences in North Carolina.

Brittany and Shannon also addressed some key misconceptions about dairy cow health and the industry. For example, removing newborn calves from their mothers after birth is actually less stressful and healthier for the baby. Separation ensures a calf’s intake of colostrum and avoids a difficult weaning process.

For more questions about the NC Dairy Industry or the interactive tools mentioned above, please contact either Brittany or Shannon.