Coit Presents Research on Teaching of Ag Law

Dr. Marne Coit, Agricultural and Resource Economics Lecturer, presented a poster on February 22, 2018 at the Office of Faculty Development’s (OFD) Teaching and Learning Symposium. The poster, “Teaching Agricultural Law: Course Content Analysis of Undergraduate Courses in Four-Year Colleges and Universities” shows details about 22 schools that have an undergraduate ag law course. Of these, Coit examined six courses in-depth to find out at ARE’s program stands out by offering the class 4-6 times/year. This is significantly more than most schools that offer it only once a year, or every other year. This means that NC State is teaching a greater number of students ag law than many other universities.

Coit also studied common and differing factors in teaching ag law such as topics covered, type of assessment utilized, and what textbook (if any) is used. All of this information was gathered from available syllabi of a sampling of undergraduate agricultural law courses that are currently being offered.

Coit was also recognized at the event for her completion of the Certificate of Reflective Teaching.

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