Agribusiness in Italy Students Begin their Study Abroad

ARE 494: International Agribusiness in Italy students began their expedition across the country in hopes of learning about the agricultural climate of Italy. Students visited Venice on the first day and noticed the unique challenges to supply chain management posed by a providing fresh meat and produce to a city that relies on water for transportation. They also visited the market and other tourist attractions. After stops in Rome and the Vatican, the students visited Fara Sabina, a small community where they toured an olive orchard and experienced Italian hospitality with the farm owners.

The course, led by ARE’s Dr. Melissa Hendrickson, exposes students to international agribusiness, agrimarketing, agricultural education, and agricultural research. Through experiences with traveling overseas, students will also be able to identify and will examine distinguishing characteristics, including agricultural issues, economic structures, technological similarities and differences, education models, research agendas, ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, and attitudes of people in a society or culture outside of the United States.


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