AG Law Class Certified in Quality

Since NC State began offering online and distance education programs and courses, a main focus has always been on quality.

Seven faculty members have recently taken this commitment to quality to the next level by being the first at NC State to have online courses certified by the nationally recognized Quality Matters (QM) organization — making them leaders in online quality assurance.

Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Marne Coit also noted the importance of the QM certification in ensuring her course is easy to navigate for students, which allows students to focus on the coursework.

Coit added, “I am honored to have been a part of DELTA’s pilot Online Course Improvement Program and to have the first known course at NC State that is Quality Matters certified.”

Coit began teaching her QM-certified Agricultural Law course in fall 2018 where the improvements have already begun impacting students.

Luke Wise, a student in the course, said, “Overall, I feel as though this class is very well-rounded and provides great information for us as students to better understand the field of agriculture as well as the relation to law and how the two intertwine. This is a very intriguing and informative class that will help us as we further our knowledge as well as later into our careers.”

Wise also commented on the format of the class saying it works well for the success of students, where the amount of work is neither overwhelming nor too little.

ARE 306 student, Savannah Boyd, said, “This class has clear structure and organization. I know what to expect from this course each week, which allows me to plan ahead how much time I will need to allow to get the assignments done.”

Students in Coit’s course are experiencing a QM-certified class where the results are directly impacting their learning.

As one of the early adopters of QM across the UNC System, DELTA plans to continue this initiative and provide NC State faculty with the necessary resources to have their courses QM certified.

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