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Lisa Shelley, PhD

Director of Research, Safe Plates Program

4101 Beryl Road, Suite 220H


Dr. Lisa Shelley directs research activities for the Safe Plates program at NCSU. She has worked on a variety of research projects related to food safety and labeling, consumer food handling behaviors, and foods ordered online and delivered directly to consumers.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Safe Plates Program

Contributing Websites

Selected Publications

  • Shumaker, E., Kirchner, M., Cates, S., Shelley, L., Goulter, R., Goodson, L., Bernstein, C., Lavallee, A., Jaykus, L., Chapman, B. (2022). An Observational Study of the Impact of a Food Safety Intervention on Consumer Poultry Washing. Journal of Food Protection. doi:
  • Duong, M., Shumaker, E.T., Cates, S., Shelley, L., Goodson, L., Bernstein, C., Lavallee, A., Kirchner, M., Goulter, R., Jaykus, L., & Chapman, B. (2020). An observational study of thermometer use by consumers when preparing ground turkey patties. Journal of Food Protection, 83(7), 1167–1174.


BA Anthropology University of Arizona

PhD Environmental Health Science and Policy University of California, Irvine

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Consumer Food Safety
  • Research Methods
  • Food Safety Culture