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Jamie Alexander, PhD, CFLE

Assistant Professor

Human Development and Family Science Extension Specialist

4101 Beryl Road, 240H


Dr. Alexander is an Assistant Professor and Family Science and Human Development Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences at North Carolina State University where she teaches in the Youth, Family, and Community Sciences Graduate Program. Broadly speaking, her research focuses on how factors and contexts in which adolescents and emerging adults are embedded in influence developmental outcomes. Her current work focuses on the intersections between parenting practices, adolescent and emerging adult development, and career development among racial-ethnic minorities. She is currently developing a program that aims to help African American/Black teens successfully transition and thrive in satisfying vocational and career roles that connect with their purpose. This program, grounded by a number of developmental theories and a purpose-centered career development model, utilizes parent engagement as a key feature that not only presents parents with evidence-based parenting information but empowers them to play an active role in facilitating their teens’ career and purpose development.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Opportunities for Purpose-Transformed Identities for Career Success (OPTICS)

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • AEHS 502: Family Theories
  • AEHS 510: Supervised Professional Experience (rotation)
  • AEHS 540: Environmental Influences on the Family
  • AEHS 543: Applied Concepts in Parenting and Family Life Education
  • AEHS 578: Research Methods

Contributing Websites

Selected Publication

  • Alexander, J. D., & Harris, C. (2022). Parenting styles’ effects on college students’ career decision-making self-efficacy. Career Development Quarterly, 70, 229– 236.
  • Harris, C., Alexander, J. D., & Vazsonyi, A. T. (2022). Maternal closeness, kinship ties, and future orientation among rural African American youth: The mediating role of ethnic identity. Journal of Adolescence, 1– 7.
  • Alexander, J., Cox, R., & Behnke, A, & Larzelere, R. (2017). Is all parental “non-involvement” equal? Barriers to parental involvement and their relationship to Latino academic achievement. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 39, 169 – 179.
  • Cox, R. B., Shreffler, K. M., Merten, M. J., Schwerdtfeger Gallus, K. L., & Dowdy, J. (2014). Parenting, peers, and perceived norms: What predicts attitudes toward sex among early adolescents? Journal of Early Adolescence, 35, 30 – 53.


BS Human Development and Family Studies University of North Carolina at Greensboro

MS Human Development and Family Studies NC State University

PhD Human Development and Family Science Oklahoma State University

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Parenting
  • Career Development
  • Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood