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NC State Presents at the 2018 National EFNEP Conference

Tony Benavente, Susan Chase, Emily Foley, Pamela Foster, Lisa Benavente, Lorelei Jones, and Stephanie Murray

NC State was well represented at the recent 2018 National EFNEP Conference. Tony Benavente presented a session on WebNEERS at the Conference and received an award for his work on the WebNEERS Beta Team. A poster on the Monthly Activity Reporting System: North Carolina’s Approach to Documenting, Reporting, and Monitoring Educator Activities was accepted. Authors were: Tony Benavente, Lisa Benavente, Suzanne van Rijn, Stephanie Murray, Susan Chase, and Lorelei Jones.

Stephanie Murray, Susan Chase, Lorelei Jones, Lisa Benavente, and Tony Benavente. Not pictured is Suzanne van Rijn