NC State Student Teacher of the Year Discusses Her Journey and Inspiration

A butterfly works its way around to different flower buds during springtime on Centennial campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Growing up in a rural area, filled with the beautiful nature our world has to offer, Ivey Brewer gained a deep appreciation and love for agriculture. Her family continues to inspire her today, “As a farming family, we have to endure quite a bit as most farming communities do. Each challenge is met with grace, faith, and the determination to move a mountain. No matter what comes their way, they overcome it, with a smile on their face.”

To feed her passion, Brewer became a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) upon beginning high school. The intracurricular student organization opens many doors for driven individuals, as it educates members about all things agriculture and instills in them a profound sense of leadership. Brewer explains that her experience with FFA shaped her into the woman she is today. 

The transformative years that Brewer underwent in her time with the FFA organization piqued her interest in becoming a teacher. Today, Ivey Brewer is the NC State Student Teacher of the Year, meaning she was awarded this accolade out of all 275 student teachers at North Carolina State University (not just agriculture education). She is now under consideration for the Student Teacher of the Year for the entire state of North Carolina. 

Brewer attributes her success not only to her hard work, but more importantly, to all the patience and assistance she received from mentors, cooperating teachers, and peers. “It is definitely not an accolade I can take full credit for. It took a village to help mold the version of myself that was able to receive this honor.”

Transitioning to life in a university as large as NC State is no easy task for any individual, however, Ivey Brewer adapted quickly as she assimilated to life as an Agricultural Education major. The challenging curriculum pushed Brewer out of her comfort zone, allowing her to grow and gain more knowledge in her field of study. Her previous conceptions of agriculture were expanded upon, enriching her adoration for the practice. 

NC State University contains some of the most spectacular and dedicated professors, students, and staff. Brewer specifically expressed gratitude to Dr. Travis Park, Dr. Joy Morgan Fleming, Dr. Wendy Warner, Dr. Misty Lambert. Students in the agricultural education cohort acted as a large support system for Brewer, as they assisted one another in schoolwork, advice, and friendship. Cooperating teacher, Ms. Savannah Currens, helped Ivery Brewer navigate the tough yet rewarding experience of student teaching. Brewer hopes to continue making a difference in the field of agriculture upon graduation. Her goal is to aid in the advancement of agriculture and serve communities in most need of help. We look forward to seeing the wonderful accomplishments Ivey Brewer continues to achieve.