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In Response to the Buffalo Shootings

The terrible events of May 14, 2022 are a stark reminder that racism, inequality, inequities and hate are alive in our world.

The Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences and the NC State Extension Family and Consumer Sciences program are home to a diverse group of faculty, staff, agents, students, program participants, and other stakeholders. When those we serve or work with are threatened, we are all threatened.  As a department and program, we echo the statements made by the NC State University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  We embrace population differences across our state and through our efforts in racial justice we pledge to continue to focus energy and resources on equity and inclusion, especially across food, agricultural, families, and youth settings.

While last week’s actions were shocking, they are also emblematic of larger societal problems, which many encounter daily, who are marginalized systemically or overtly based on race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or other demographic differences. Our department and program strive to look through a lens of equality and equity, and engage within our sphere of influence to create programs, conduct research, and provide education that is inclusive and empowers all people. Concern for the lives of all North Carolina residents is and should remain foundational to what we do.

To learn more about centering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) within Extension, register to attend the Belonging and Community Webinar Series, hosted by NC Cooperative Extension’s DEIA team. For anti-racism resources for youth and families, check out this curated list, compiled specifically for FCS Extension.