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EFNEP Wins Big at the State Extension Conference

Hard work and dedication paid off for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) educators at the recent 2022 State Extension Conference. During the annual conference, several sessions were held to bring together extension programs and collaborators to learn about team roles, reporting and recording keeping, curriculum enhancements, preparing for the new program year, partnerships with Head Start and family and consumer science agents, and much more.

 Lisa Benavente, Virginia Stage, Della Hicks, Shewana McSwain at the 2022 State Extension Conference

The conference was able to honor so many talented and dedicated team members across the state and celebrate the outstanding achievements of not only our EFNEP staff but other extension programs, partners and champions across the state. One of those awards included the Minnie Miller Brown Award, which is the highest honor given to an EFNEP Educator. The award is given in memory of Minnie Miller Brown, the state’s first EFNEP Coordinator. She served in that role from 1969, when EFNEP was created, until her retirement in 1981. Rhonda Church, an EFNEP Educator with the Ashe County Extension Center, received this year’s award. Church stated “I feel honored to be recognized for this award and so fortunate to be working for this organization. I am passionate about serving Ashe County and hope that I can in some way help families learn ways to feed their family in a healthy way for less money.”

Dr. Barbara Board, Rhonda Church and Dr. Rich Bonanno

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients! 

Extra Effort Award Recipients: 

  • Seydel Cropps 
  • Nautica Mason 
  • Tamika McLean 
  • Davida Julien 
  • Patty Saltpaw 
  • Della Hicks 
  • Cindy Rivenbark 
  • Shanna Scott

Over the Mark Award Recipients: 

  • Hazel McPhatter (Red Apple) 5-24% above target goal for outreach/impacts 
  • Jessica Kearney (Bronze Apple) 25-49% above target goal for outreach/impacts 
  • Kathy Copeland (Platinum Apple) 100% or more above target goal for outreach/impacts
  • Rebekah Benton (Red Apple) 5-24% above target goal for outreach/impacts 

Blue and Gold Award (NCA&T) Recipient: 

New EFNEP Educator Award Recipient: 

Team Award Award Recipients: 

  • Bridget Burnette, AHS Educator & Janet Bryan 
  • Communities in Schools of Rowan Co. & Kysha Rooks
  • Food Bank of the Albemarle-Karina Garcia Franco & Della Hicks & Lynnell Godfrey 
  • Angie Lawrence, Brunswick Co. Coop Extension Staff & Volunteers, & Brunswick Co. Schools 

Golden Star Award Recipients: 

  • Partnership of Ashe, Family Foundations Program 
  • Samuel Wilson 
  • Jenny Ryan-Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC 
  • JCC Trio: Dr. Felita Carr & Sirus Forghani 
  • Dr. Virginia Stage 
  • Shawn Maynor 

Social Media Award Recipient: 

Outstanding Performance Award Recipient: 

Circle of Excellence – Level II Award Recipient: 

Circle of Excellence – IV Award Recipient: 

EFNEP Endowment Award Recipient: 

Susan McCaskill Morgan Professional Dev. Award Recipient: 

Minnie Miller Brown Award Recipient: