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AHS Presents at National EFNEP Conference

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) staff from the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences traveled to the National EFNEP Coordinator’s Conference in Arlington, VA this month. This year’s conference theme was Power of the Past – Force of the Future. Staff learned about recruitment, goal setting, updates, and a vision for the future that they are eager to bring back and implement in North Carolina.

Megan Halbohm presenting at the EFNEP National Conference

Our staff was fortunate enough to present two poster sessions to share about the work being done in North Carolina. The posters and abstracts are listed below. Congratulations on a successful conference! 

  • EFNEP’s New Educator Skills Training (NEST): Lisa Benavente and Megan Halbohm
    • NEST is a blended learning on-the-job skills training for NC State Cooperative Extension paraprofessionals serving as EFNEP educators. The training is layered with NC Cooperative Extension’s onboarding that focuses on the Land Grant system and Cooperative Extension. NEST begins upon hire and is completed within the first three months of employment with follow-up training and observations conducted by regional supervisors throughout the year. The training components include online modules, individualized one-on-one training and coaching by the regional supervisor, and in-person training focusing on food preparation and record keeping/reporting. After six weeks, EFNEP paraprofessionals are expected to begin teaching their first group.
  • Fuel for Life High School Curriculum: Megan Halbohm, Lauren Morris, Jackie Sugg, Stephanie McDonald-Murray
    • In response to the national program goal of increasing the number of older youth, NC EFNEP in collaboration with the NC State University Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences developed a high school nutrition education curriculum titled Fuel for Life. The curriculum aligns with:
      • 9-12th grade national EFNEP evaluation
      • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Essential Standards for Health Education—Nutrition and Physical Activity 9-12th grad
      • NC Cooperative Extension’s Strategic Plan Key Initiative of expanding Extension programs for high school students and expand partnerships with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and local education agencies throughout the state