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AHS Faculty and Students Attend the Southern Region AAAE Conference

The Southern Region of the American Association of Agricultural Education (AAAE) recently held its regional conference on February 5-7, in Oklahoma City, OK, and was attended by several Agricultural and Human Sciences faculty members and graduate students. The purpose of AAAE is to be the premier national society for social science scholarship in food, agriculture, and natural resources for individuals engaged in agricultural education at United States colleges and universities.

Graduate Student Katlyn Foy presenting her poster

Graduate students who attended include Jillian Ford, Katlyn Foy, Madison Adams, Nikki Miller, Rachelle Andreatta, Mary Kate Lanier, with faculty members Travis Park, Wendy Warner, and Misty Lambert. Graduate student, Joseph Gakpo, attended the National Agricultural Communications Symposium in conjunction with the conference. Jillian Ford and Misty Lambert were recognized as a Distinguished Innovative Idea Poster. The poster was “Escaping a Lecture: Utilizing a Digital Escape Room to Introduce the SAE for All Model” and outlined an idea they used with students in AEE 322 and AEHS 522 (online and in person) in Fall 2022.

There were also personnel updates for several department members within the organization. Mary Kate Lanier was elected to join the Program Improvement Committee while Dr. Lambert will be secretary of Southern Region AAAE for 2023 and 2024 and serve on the Professional Development Committee. Dr. Warner and Dr. Joy Morgan will be on the Program improvement committee, and Dr. Park will serve as secretary/co-chair of the Member Services Committee and will chair the committee for the 2023-2024 year. Congratulations to everyone who presented at the conference and who was elected to new positions!

Three papers were presented:

  • Ford, J. C. & Lambert, M. D. (2023). Tell me how you really feel about the AET.
  • Ford, J. C. & Lambert, M. D. (2023). Making it happen: SAE for all implementation in NC.
  • Lanier, M. M., Morgan, J. E., Warner, W. J., & Kirby B. M. (2023). Inclusion for All? Opportunities and Challenges of Including Students with Diverse Needs in FFA Activities

Six posters were presented:

  • Donaldson, J. L., Whorley, G, & Lambert, M. D. (2023). A Career Pathways Web Portal for Student Success.
  • Ford, J.C. & Lambert M.D. (2023). Escaping a Lecture: Utilizing a Digital Escape Room to Introduce the SAE for All Model.
  • Adams-Roberts, M. L., Morgan, J. E., & Pickworth, C. L. (2023). Analyzing Demographic Data to Support and Promote Livestock Science Camp Participation. 
  • Miller, N., Morgan, J. E., Warner, W., Park, T., & Lambert, M. D. (2023). Engaging and Educating Agricultural Educators through In-State Study Experiences. 
  • Andreatta, R., Morgan, J.E., Warner, W., Vann, R., Park, T., & Jennings, B. (2023). The Growth in Leadership Skills and Development of Fellowship through Literacy.
  • Foy, K., Warner W. J., Park, T. D., Morgan, J. E., Winzeler, B., Mendoza-Moran, A., Brown-Parker, K., & Cranford, C. (2023). Designing for Success: Instructional Design to Support Online Instruction in Agricultural Education.