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Ag Ed Student Excels on the Field and in the Classroom

The agriculture field was not an interest for Parker Greene until her high school freshman year when she was involuntarily placed into an agriculture class and soon drawn into a dairy judging competition. Greene always had a passion for animals and a drive for competition, which she learned during her years of playing various sports, but mainly softball. Her advisors saw a spark in Greene and helped her find her passion for agriculture soon after those first few weeks of class.

Parker Greene

Greene spent her high school years competing in any Future Farmers of America (FFA) event she could fit into her schedule and thrived learning hands-on in the classroom. Her passion for agriculture continued to grow as she strived to learn more about the industry that feeds and cares for individuals every day. As she pondered future careers for herself, agriculture education seemed like the perfect route to lead and encourage others to advocate for agriculture. Initially, Greene planned a different path for college and accepted an NCAA Division 1 offer to play softball at another university. After debating her priorities, she decided to attend North Carolina State University because of her love of agriculture and the success she knew she would have professionally here. 

Even though she enjoyed her courses at NC State, she missed being on the softball field. She researched and discovered that NC State had a club softball team. It was the perfect fit for Greene to play sports competitively while studying her favorite subject. As she enters her fourth year playing and the second year as the club’s president, she has excelled at balancing both passions. And she has had the opportunity to lead the team to back-to-back World Series appearances.

While excelling on the field, she is also shining in the classroom. NC State has provided her with the resources and opportunities to step outside her comfort zone and grow professionally. One experience gave Greene the chance to study abroad in Belgium and The Netherlands while studying agricultural innovations, agritourism, and agri-food production. This trip changed her outlook on the agricultural industry and her career goals. It gave Greene a worldly perspective on the agricultural industry and instilled a love of travel. Because of this experience, she spent this past summer taking a leap and moving to Wyoming for three months, where she worked as a barn staff and counselor at a ranch camp. This opportunity combined her love for agriculture and children in a new environment. She used this experience to gain employment as an undergraduate research assistant for the Agricultural Institute.

Greene has had nothing but positive experiences so far through her undergraduate career, with professors in and outside of her core professional pathway. It all started with Travis Park – the first faculty member Greene met during a Spend a Day at State event. He is one of the first people she goes to when she needs personal or professional advice. Greene’s advisor, Wendy Warner, has also helped her tremendously along her academic journey by assisting her in networking with graduate school programs, sharing connections, and giving advice. These professors, along with other Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences faculty, are personable, caring role models who want the best for their students and have made Greene feel at home. While her professors have profoundly impacted her, she credits her parents as her inspiration. Greene attributes her success to them for always supporting and encouraging her through difficult times.

Upon graduation in spring ’22 with a bachelor’s in agricultural education with a concentration in animal science and minors in animal science and agricultural business management, she will pursue a graduate degree in agriculture communications of eventually earning a doctorate. Greene wants to learn more about widespread communication methods so she can reach a broader audience while teaching others. She also loves the connection between producer and consumer, and wants to share perspectives on both sides of the spectrum to the public. “NC State has without a doubt been the best four years of my life,” Green says. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the motivation and support of those I have met along the way. …”

We look forward to watching Parker Greene’s future achievements.