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Month: August 2021

butterfly on a flower.

Aug 30, 2021

NC State Student Teacher of the Year Discusses Her Journey and Inspiration

An AEE student teacher with a passion for agriculture and education shares her plan on how to turn it into a lifelong career. 

Aug 27, 2021

You Decide: Is Round Two of the COVID Recession on the Way?

Is there worry of a potential second recession coming? 

Student with graduate advisor at graduation.

Aug 25, 2021

YFCS August Blog: to Determine if Pursuing a Master’s Degree in YFCS is Right For You

In the August Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (YFCS) blog post, assistant professor Jamie Alexander highlights careers in the field and how to determine if a master's degree in YFCS is right for you. 


Aug 21, 2021

Student Enriches Family Life Through Research

Parenting is not as easy as it seems and multiple factors can inhibit the normalcy and strong relationships within a household.  

Aug 20, 2021

Face-to-Face Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Practical Advice for Fall Classes

NC State is back to face-to-face. Professor Marsha Gordon shares what she learned during the first week of classes. 

Aug 16, 2021

Tips for Success in Your Online Courses

Whether you’re back for another semester or just starting your journey with NC State, we’re excited to welcome you to the Wolfpack! Check out these tips on how to have a successful fall semester in your online courses. 

Aug 11, 2021

5 Must-Dos as a CALS Student

Whether you’re new to CALS or NC State, or you just haven’t gotten around to it, here are five things every College of Agriculture and Life Sciences student should do before the new school year is over.