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Graduate Certificates and Minors in Agricultural and Extension Education

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Agricultural and Extension Education is a 15 credit hour program. To apply for the certificate, just complete the graduate school application.

Why a Graduate Certificate?

The AEE certificate program is appropriate for individuals who:

  • Want advanced training in agricultural and extension education but don’t plan to pursue a master’s degree
  • Have a master’s degree in another discipline but would like to gain expertise in agricultural and extension education
  • Are earning a teacher certification in agriculture and desire additional credentials
  • Work as Extension agents and taking courses for the required professional development hours

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3.0 undergraduate GPA, in-line with the Graduate School’s minimum requirement
  • Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Personal statement
  • Application fee


The AEE graduate certificate requires 15 credit hours. The specific courses required will depend on the student’s professional goals and academic background. All certificate students are assigned an advisor who will work with them to select courses. Note: AG*IDEA courses cannot be covered by tuition waivers.


Students who successfully complete the AEE graduate certificate will be able to:

  • Describe the organization, structure, goals, and practice of agricultural/extension education
  • Articulate a philosophy of agricultural/extension education
  • Plan an educational program or instructional unit that meets the needs of learners
  • Deliver instruction effectively
  • Effectively use technology to deliver instruction and information to learners

Students are required to prepare a professional portfolio of artifacts and evidence of the above objectives.

How to Apply

Students not enrolled at NC State

Complete the graduate school application. On the application, choose “Graduate Certificate” and “Agricultural and Extension Education.” Note: The GRE is not required for the graduate certificate.

Some students enroll in the graduate certificate program as a trial run toward a master’s degree. Only 12 hours can be counted toward a master’s degree. If this is the path you’re planning, we recommend applying to a master’s program prior to completing the graduate certificate program to avoid losing hours. You will need to complete a new graduate school application.

Students Enrolled at NC State

Current graduate students will need to contact and meet with the AEE director of graduate programs to complete the Graduate Certificate Plan Form.

Graduate Minor

Graduate students from programs other than agricultural and extension education may add a minor in agricultural and extension education.

How to Enroll in a Minor

First, select a faculty member from agricultural and extension education to join your graduate committee. Meet with him or her to discuss your goals for the minor. Once the AEE faculty member agrees to serve on the committee, he or she will recommend courses.

Designate the minor on the online Program of Work form and identify a minimum of nine hours of minor courses. A master’s student typically completes nine hours in the minor; 12 hours for a doctoral student.

During the master’s or doctoral exam, the committee member will participate in the exam and will ask questions related to the minor coursework.