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Action Research Project FAQs

Frequently asked questions about action research projects for the Master of Agricultural and Extension Education program.

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We can connect you with a teacher to use one or more of his or her classes for the project.

In AEE 578, one lesson is devoted to action research. The College of Education also offers ED 570 (Classroom Action Research). Graduate students can take this course as an elective.

Several journals specialize in publishing action research. We encourage students whose projects are of superior quality to consider publishing in one of these journals.

The finished active research project will be a formal research report of about 15-20 pages. At a minimum, include the below sections in the report:

  • An introduction to the problem
  • Justification of the issue’s importance
  • Objectives to be accomplished in the study
  • The research questions to be answered
  • A brief review of the literature documenting what others have learned/said about the problem (Note: Use APA style to reference information sources)
  • A detailed description of how the research was conducted
  • The findings
  • The conclusions, implications, and recommendations for practice
  • Bibliography

See an example of an action research project report.

Students are required to prepare a presentation on the research to present to an audience. The audience could be the teachers in your school, a meeting of the CTE teachers in your district, at a professional conference, or to the AEE 601 seminar class. See an example of a presentation made to an AEE 601 seminar.

Yes. Students register for AEE 620 – Special Problems (3 hours) or AEE 693 – Master’s Supervised Research (3 hours) for the action research project. Note: You’ll need to complete a form and get approval before starting the project.