AEHS 543 – Parenting Education Tool

A family playing a board game together

The Agricultural and Human Sciences department would like to introduce a new monthly blog called The Student Narrative. This blog will display assignments from courses offered within the department that are completed by students. In the May blog post, we have an assignment from the AEHS 543: Applied Concepts in Parenting and Family Life Education course which was completed by YFCS Graduate Student Tiffany Burnette.

Description of assignment: For this assignment, you will need to review the literature on a course-related parenting topic. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding and translation of research-based information. You must cite and reference peer-reviewed articles using NCSU’s online library system. After you have researched your topic and gained enough information about parenting in that area, you will innovatively relay that information in a format that is easily understood and accessed by a lay audience. Be creative. Think outside of the box.

Parenting Education Tool: Website and Blog for Caregivers of New Family Structures and Family Science Professionals The parenting tool I would like to share is in the form of a blog post within a website. In the blog post, I aimed to answer a question that some parents might have: “Why would family life education support adults who are within their first year of caring for a new child or are in a new family structure?” With the hope that one day I can share this information professionally, I have created the bones of a website through Google Sites for caregivers of new family structures (under a year) and family science professionals. The essential idea is displayed through buttons and information shared in a visually appealing way with language and ideas that are easily understandable and supported by references. Possible future additions to the website would include more community education about FLE, networking among professionals, advocacy, influence on law and policy, and best practices in the family life education profession. I would also love to include more about training FLEs and connecting to extension offices and other professional organizations. Whereas this website was solely created with caregivers of new family structures in mind, more education can include information about partnerships, marriages, in-laws, and siblings.

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