NC State Ag Education grad students go on to teach high school.

AEE Graduate Programs

Cultivating Teachers and Leaders

Our graduate programs offer flexibility and enable graduates to pursue diverse career options. Prepare for a career teaching agricultural education to middle or high school students, or become an Extension agent helping farmers and families succeed in their communities. Or pursue other rewarding positions such as agricultural museum curators, environmental educators, agricultural missionaries, agricultural public relations representatives, or congressional officers.

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I have had the finest quality post-graduate classes and educators in the country. I look forward to continuing a relationship with my professors for many years to come.

Susan Tyre, Master’s in Agricultural and Extension Education, 2017

Our Strengths

Field-Tested Faculty

Nationally recognized leaders, our faculty's experience and expertise span across schools, universities and in extension. We are active researchers discovering and disseminating knowledge in the field.

Top Ranking

We rank in the top 10 of U.S. agricultural and extension education graduate programs. Our nationally-recognized faculty offer an impressive array of graduate courses every semester.


Too busy to learn in a classroom? We offer our graduate students options to complete certain programs 100% online or to customize a program for a hybrid online and in-class experience.

550+ teachers teach agriculture in 380+ N.C. schools.

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