Email Distribution Lists

Mail to the following lists by sending to:

Please note that some of these lists are restricted and can only be mailed to by certain people. All lists are restricted to at least NC State personnel.

NOTE: If you are a student, please DO NOT use these lists. Try the Virtual Advising Center instead.


College Administrative Lists
Deans Dean, Associate Deans, and Assistant Dean
DeanAndAssocDeansAdminAssts Administrative Assistants to the Dean and Associate Deans
AsstAndAssocDirs Asst. and Assoc. Directors of Agricultural Research Service, Cooperative Extension Service, and Academic Programs
AdminUnitHeads Administrative Unit Heads (Business Office, College Advancement, Information Technology, International Programs, and Personnel)
Departmental Administrative Lists
CALS Business Partners CALS Business Partners
DeptHeads Department Heads
DeptAdminAssts Department Administrative Assistants (includes units such as IP and AP office)
DeptExtLdrs Department Extension Leaders
DirsGradPrgms Directors of Graduate Programs
DirsGradPrgmsAssts Assistants to the Directors of Graduate Programs
ResFacAdmins Research Facility Administrators
UGradCoords Undergraduate Coordinators
UGradCoordsAssts Assistants to Undergraduate Coordinators
District Level Extension Administrative Lists
DistDirs District Directors
DistAdminAssts Administrative Assistants to District Directors
County Level Extension Administrative Lists
CoDirs County Directors
NCCoDirs North Central County Directors
NECoDirs Northeast County Directors
SCCoDirs South Central County Directors
SECoDirs Southeast County Directors
WCoDirs Western County Directors
Administrative Unit Lists
The unqualified list for each administrative unit contains both EPA and SPA lists.
BUSN, BUSNepa, BUSNspa Business Office
CA, CAepa, CAspa College Advancement
IT, ITepa, ITspa Information Technology – CALS Academic & Administrative Technology (CAAT) and Extension Information Technology (EIT)
IP, IPepa, IPspa International Programs
PER, PERepa, PERspa Personnel
Department Lists
The unqualified list for each department contains both EPA and SPA lists. The EPA lists include faculty, post-docs, visiting scientists, and other EPA professionals. The SPA lists include anyone designated spa, e.g. technicians, office support personnel, and bookkeepers.
AEE, AEEepa, AEEspa Agriculture and Extension Education
ARE, AREepa, AREspa Agriculture and Resource Economics
ANS, ANSepa, ANSspa Animal Science
AE, AEepa, AEspa Applied Ecology
BAE, BAEepa, BAEspa Biological and Agriculture Engineering
BO, BOepa, BOspa Plant and Microbial Biology
CS, CSepa, CSspa Crop Science
ENT, ENTepa, ENTspa Entomology
FS, FSepa, FSspa Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Science
HS, HSepa, HSspa Horticultural Science
MSB, MSBepa, MSBspa Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
NCRCepa, NCRCspa NC Research Campus
PP, PPepa, PPspa Plant Pathology
PO, POepa, POspa Poultry Science
SSC, SSCepa, SSCspa Soil Science
ST, STepa, STspa Statistics
YFCS, YFCSepa, YFCSspa Youth, Family, and Community Sciences