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Instructions for Faculty for hiring Bi-weekly employees:

The Hiring paperwork must be completed and processed with CALS before an employee is approved to begin work:

The CALS Business Center will handle all aspects of hiring temporary bi-weekly employees. PI's are to contact Michelle Sabatelli at 515-5732 when they want to do a new hire. A completed vacancy form will need to be submitted for all bi-weekly employees. You will then be notified by your CALS representative on how to proceed and what paperwork will need to be completed. Many of the forms are listed below which you can use, however Michelle will send you whatever other forms are necessary.

Please contact Michelle with any questions you have about hiring students or non - students.

The full CALS Business Center memo can be read here.

Hiring forms

For Bi-weekly employees:

  • In order to complete the I-9 form with CALS, you will need to bring approved Proof of Identification documents.   The following list includes some options that are commonly used. A complete list of options is available at this link.
    • Passport
    • Driver’s License and Social Security Card
    • Driver’s License and Birth Certificate
    • NCSU ID card and Social Security Card
    • NCSU ID card and Birth Certificate

*Bi-Weekly students will need to submit the following forms to the Plant Biology Office on or before due date of the first timesheet:

Processing timesheets:

  • Temporary bi-weekly timesheets should be faxed to 513-4797 or scanned and emailed to Michelle Sabatelli
    by noon on the Monday following the end of the payroll period
  • Timesheets must be completed in full including the account and project number the employee is being paid from, The account listed on the time sheet will override any account information in the Peoplesoft system.
  • Original timesheets will be kept on file in the Plant Biology office, so after faxing, please turn them in to the main office.